Promoción Padre Manjón

Clara Hábitat

The property is built on top of a community housing dating from the beginning of the 20th century.

The property has a central patio with balconies from which all of the apartments are distributed. The ground floor apartments have private patios with a pool and the attic apartments have private terraces.

The property has a communal terrace with a pool and solarium, where you can enjoy unbeatable views of the old town of the city.

Metres squared
Communal pool
Features of the development


We are committed to maintaining the essence and authorship of the historic building, without sacrificing efficiency and cutting edge design.
Types of apartments
A. Duplex
PB3 Rooms / 2 Baths.146.87 m2Patio 20m2Private pool
B. Duplex
PB3 Rooms / 2 Baths.135.95 m2Patio 20m2Private pool
C. Apartment
P11 Room / 1 Bath.50.51 m2
D. Apartment
P11 Room / 1 Bath.44,85 m2175.000 €
E. Flat
P12 Rooms / 2 Baths.89.83 m2
F. Attic
P21 Room / 1 Bath.57,79 m2Terrace 14m2235.000 €
G. Attic
P22 Rooms / 1 Bath.70.95 m2Terrace 30m2
Quality report


Prepared for climate control installation
The systems needed to install radiators are already installed. The systems needed to install AC units are already installed.
Prepared for boiler installation
Possibility of choosing the heating system that best suits you.
Possibility of personalising the finishing touches.

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat

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Calle Padre Manjón, 6
41003 sevilla
– Alameda de Hércules
– Iglesia San Luis de los Franceses
– Centro Deportivo San Luis
– Ronda de Capuchinos
– Jardines del Valle
– Metropol Parasol
Construct and promote
Architectural project and design in collaboration with: